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Do you have too much clutter at home? Or perhaps you’re undergoing a lifestyle change? Let us help you find the right size of self storage units for your needs! We offer safe and secure self storage units at Sand Springs in Drums, PA.

At Sand Springs Self Storage, we understand the importance of choosing the right facility to store your belongings. That’s why providing clean, secure, and durable storage space is our top priority.

We understand our customer needs and will do our best to help you handle your life declutter or transition with a plan!

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Sand Springs Self Storage offers an assortment of sizes at competitive rates.


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Size5′ ˣ 5′5′ ˣ 10′10′ ˣ 5′10′ ˣ 10′10′ ˣ 15′10′ ˣ 20′10′ ˣ 30′
Starting At$50$60$60$90$120$135$200


  • Prices do not include PA sales tax
  • Security deposit required
  • Simple, online set-up to rent your storage unit
  • Autopay
  • Minimum 3 months rental




Located close to Routes 80 and 81, less than 10 miles south of Wilkes-Barre, PA, our Sand Springs Self Storage units are conveniently located in Drums, PA.

What You Can Expect from Our Sand Springs Self Storage Service

  1. Convenient and easy online set-up, move in, and payment.
  2. You can use all the time you need to bring your belongings to the unit and to safely secure it once you are done.
  3. In case you decide you need more or less space for your storage unit, we’ll be happy to help you find an alternate unit.
  4. If you have any additional questions and concerns during the whole process, we will be glad to support you!

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Self Storage FAQs



Some of the most important things to look for when choosing self storage units are reliability, accessibility, location, and price. If the self storage facility meets these factors holistically, it is a worthwhile investment.

An important feature is accessibility which provides you with the ability to access your items whenever you would like.

Location is also important, since not having to travel long distances is preferable in terms of logistics and ease of access and transfer. And given a few top options, price will become an important factor when deciding which self-storage unit facility will be the best choice for you.


Is self storage a good investment?

Absolutely! During your declutter or life transition, you’ll need a safe and reliable place to hold your belongings, and a self storage facility can provide you with true peace of mind during this process.


Is self storage taxable in Pennsylvania?

Yes, it is. Under Pennsylvania law, “effective January 1, 1992, the sale at retail or use of self-storage service at a location in this Commonwealth is subject to tax.”


Do I Need Insurance for My Pennsylvania Storage Unit?

It is not required that you purchase insurance for your Pennsylvania storage unit. However, some homeowners or renters insurance may cover your unit. Contact your insurance provider for more information.


Can I Live in a Storage Unit in Pennsylvania?

No. It is illegal to live in a storage unit in Pennsylvania. If you are looking for housing be sure to check out one of our local rental communities.



Are you in need of reliable self-storage in Pennsylvania? Look no further than Sand Springs Self Storage. Situated in the heart of picturesque Pennsylvania, we offer top-tier temporary storage facilities designed to meet your needs.

About Sand Springs Self Storage Units

Sand Springs Self Storage is here to serve Drums and the surrounding area. We take pride in providing cutting-edge storage units at competitive rates. Whether you’re relocating, decluttering, or seeking additional space, our self-storage units are here when you need them.

Reasons for Needing a Storage Unit

Life is full of transitions and changes, and sometimes we need extra storage space to accommodate these shifts. Whether you’re in the midst of a military deployment, expanding your family, or embarking on a new adventure, Sand Springs Self Storage understands the diverse needs that lead individuals to seek temporary storage solutions. We offer the best self-storage solutions for our local Pennsylvania area. Here are some common scenarios where renting a storage unit can be invaluable:

Military Deployment or Frequent Moves

Serving in the military often entails frequent relocations and deployments. Renting a storage unit provides military personnel with a secure space to store their belongings during deployments or moves. Whether it’s needing storage space for furniture, vehicles, or sentimental items, a storage unit offers peace of mind knowing that belongings are safe and accessible upon return.

Expanding Family

Welcoming a new addition to the family, such as a baby on the way, can quickly lead to a need for additional space. Clearing out a room to create a nursery or accommodating baby gear and supplies may require temporary storage for furniture, clothing, or other household items. A storage unit offers a convenient solution for clearing space while keeping belongings safe and easily retrievable.

  • Children Heading to College
    As children grow and embark on their own life journeys, parents may find themselves with an empty room in need of repurposing. Renting a storage unit allows parents to store their child’s belongings, such as furniture, clothing, and mementos, until they return home or establish their own living arrangements. This frees up space for home offices, guest rooms, or other uses while preserving cherished items for the future.
  • Extended Travel or Relocation
    Whether embarking on a long-term travel adventure or relocating to a new location, individuals may find themselves uncertain about the fate of their belongings. Renting a storage unit provides a temporary storage solution for storing possessions during extended absences or while exploring new opportunities. This allows individuals to maintain flexibility without the stress of parting with cherished items.
  • Renting Out Property
    Leasing out a property through Airbnb or traditional rental agreements often requires clearing out personal belongings to accommodate tenants. Renting a storage unit enables landlords to store their belongings safely while tenants occupy the space. This ensures a smooth transition for both landlords and tenants, allowing each party to enjoy their own belongings without clutter or inconvenience.

No matter the reason, Sand Springs Self Storage offers flexible temporary storage solutions to meet your unique needs. Our secure and conveniently located storage units provide a safe haven for your belongings during life’s transitions, ensuring peace of mind and accessibility when you need it most.


Our Self-Storage Units Highlights

Self-Storage: Discover our range of self-storage units tailored to accommodate your belongings securely and efficiently. With a variety of sizes available, from compact to expansive, we have the ideal storage solution to suit your requirements.

  • Secure Self-Storage: Your peace of mind matters to us. Our storage units provide a more secure location for your valued possessions.
  • Temporary Storage: In need of short-term storage options? Sand Springs Self Storage offers flexible temporary storage solutions to cater to your needs, whether for a brief period or an extended stay.
  • Local Self-Storage Units: Running out of room? Our local storage units are the perfect answer. Located conveniently in Butler Twp, Drums, just minutes away from Mountain Top and Hazleton, each individual unit is lighted and clean. We provide the extra space you need when you need it and the quality you deserve.

Why Choose Our Pennsylvania Self-Storage Units?
When it comes to shopping around for Pennsylvania self-storage units you want to make the right decision. Here’s why Sand Springs storage units are some of the best local options!

Self Storage Units Convenience

Strategically located in Drums, our storage facility rests in the heart of Pennsylvania. Say goodbye to lengthy commutes to your storage unit – Sand Springs Self Storage is just a stone’s throw away.

Our storage unit facilities are also conveniently located near Hazleton, Nanticoke, Wilkes-Barre, Berwick, Kingston, Back Mountain, Bloomsburg, Scranton, Pottsville, Dunmore, Northampton, Fullerton, Allentown, East Stroudsburg, and Carbondale.

Affordable Storage Units

We believe in making storage accessible to everyone. With competitive pricing and flexible payment options, Sand Springs Self Storage ensures you get exceptional value for your money.

Dedicated Self-Storage Customer Service

Our dedicated team is committed to providing outstanding service. Whether you have inquiries, require assistance, or simply wish to chat, our friendly staff are always on hand to assist you. Please give our team a call (570) 535-3424.


Benefits of Self-Storage Units

At Sand Springs Self Storage, we understand the value of having a self-storage unit that meets your needs. Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner, or someone in transition, our self-storage units offer a myriad of benefits to make your life easier.

Declutter Your Space With Storage Options

Is your home or office feeling cluttered? A self-storage unit provides the perfect solution to declutter your surroundings. Store seasonal items, excess furniture, or documents you don’t need immediate access to, freeing up valuable space in your living or working area. You’ll appreciate the extra space that your self-storage unit provides, and might even find a few things that have been missing once you get to organizing!

Security and Peace of Mind

When it comes to storing your precious personal belongings security is important! That is why our storage units are located in a secure, gated property. For more information about our storage unit security please contact our team.

Flexibility and Convenience

One of the key benefits of a self-storage unit is the flexibility it offers. Whether you need short-term storage during a move or long-term storage for items you don’t use frequently, our units can accommodate your needs. Plus, with convenient access hours and online account management, accessing your belongings is always hassle-free.

Storage Units Offer Protection from the Elements

Storing your items in a self-storage unit helps protect them from the elements. You won’t need to worry about rain, shine, or even a blizzard! Our storage units protect your belongings from the outdoors.

Storage units are also more protected than your average garage or attic. Avoid unexpected weather or animal damage by choosing a top local self-storage unit facility like Sand Springs. After all, you are going to want these belongings later, so protecting them is a must!

Temporary Storage Provides Space for Life Transitions

Life is full of transitions, whether it’s moving to a new home, downsizing, or renovating. A self-storage unit provides a temporary or long-term solution for storing your belongings during these transitions, allowing you to navigate life changes with ease.

At Sand Springs many of our residents who rent one of our rental property options from the Tuskes Group use our storage unit options. This allows them to have the benefits that our rental community and amenities offer, without needing to get rid of their extra belongings. Our storage units are conveniently located nearby our rental communities allowing residents to easily use our local storage units.

Cost-Effective Temporary Storage Solution

Renting a self-storage unit is often more cost-effective than alternative storage options, such as renting additional living or office space. With competitive rates and flexible payment options, Sand Springs Self Storage offers affordable storage solutions without compromising on quality or security.

We offer a variety of different storage unit floor plans to accommodate your specific needs. Whether you need just a little space like our starter 5’ x 5’ storage unit, or a lot of space like our 10’ x 30’ storage unit option, we’ve got you covered. Choose whatever temporary storage square footage is best for your belongings.


Choose The Best Self Storage Units in Drums

Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with renting a self-storage unit at Sand Springs Self Storage. Whether you’re seeking extra space for personal belongings, business inventory, or anything in between, our storage units are designed to meet your needs effectively and affordably. Get in touch with us today to reserve your unit and embark on a clutter-free, organized lifestyle!

How To Prepare Your Belongings for Self-Storage Units

Preparing your belongings before storing them in a self-storage unit can help ensure they remain in optimal condition and easily accessible when you need them. Follow these tips from Sand Springs Self Storage to make the most of your temporary storage space and keep your items safe and secure:

Clean and Organize Belongings Before Self Storage

Before packing your belongings, take the time to clean and organize them. Dust off items, wipe down surfaces, and remove any debris to prevent dirt and grime from accumulating while in storage. Organize similar items together to maximize space and facilitate easy access. This will ensure that you can easily find your belongings when needed, and have them in good ready-to-use condition. Nobody wants to pull dirty items out of their storage unit!

Use Proper Packing Materials for Your Storage Space

Invest in high-quality packing materials to protect your belongings in the storage space. Use sturdy boxes or plastic tubs as your containers. Within these make sure to use bubble wrap, packing paper, and packing tape to wrap and cushion your fragile items. Avoid using plastic bags for long-term storage, as they can trap moisture and cause damage to your belongings. By securing your items with protective packing materials you reduce the risk of damaged items. Whether they fall due to poor stacking, or you knock a box over while pulling out something else from storage, secure packing reduces the risk of damaged items!

Label Boxes Clearly

Label each box with its contents and destination within the storage unit. This will help you locate specific items quickly without having to sift through multiple boxes. Use a permanent marker to write legible labels on the sides of the boxes for easy identification. Make sure that you include the category, room, or specific contents so you can easily find things later. You might think you’ll remember how you packed your storage space but trust us, it will save you time and a headache later on!

Disassemble Large Items Before Storage

Storage space is not free so you do not want to rent a larger storage unit than you need. To maximize space and minimize the risk of damage, disassemble large furniture items, such as bed frames, tables, and shelving units, before storing them. Keep screws, bolts, and other hardware organized in labeled bags and tape them securely to the corresponding furniture pieces.

Take Steps to Protect Against Moisture

Moisture can cause mold, mildew, and water damage to your belongings in storage. To protect against moisture, consider placing moisture-absorbing products, such as silica gel packets or moisture absorber boxes, inside the storage unit. Additionally, elevate furniture and boxes off the ground using pallets or shelving to prevent moisture from seeping in from the floor.

Leave Space for Air Circulation in the Storage Space

Allow for adequate airflow within the storage unit by leaving small gaps between boxes and furniture items. This will help prevent condensation and humidity buildup, reducing the risk of mold and mildew growth.

Create a Pathway In Your Storage Space

When arranging your belongings in the storage unit, leave a clear pathway down the center for easy access to all items. Stack boxes and furniture items strategically, placing frequently accessed items towards the front of the unit and less frequently accessed items towards the back. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reach items in the rear of your storage space and you will spend extra time pulling the front boxes or containers out when you need access to the back of the storage unit.

By following these storage tips, you can prepare your belongings effectively for storage at Sand Springs Self Storage. Our secure and convenient self-storage units provide the perfect solution for storing your items safely and accessing them whenever you need them.

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